Profitable Cryptocurrency Investment

Statistically, 94% of Crypto investors lose their money. We are offering a chance to be among those 6% who actually grow their investments. The biggest mistake of each investor is not purchasing or selling at the right time, as this is very emotional process. Specifically for that we have deployed an incredible robot and combined it with our knowledge. Our team is following all of the Crypto market 24/7 and provides the best signals (trades) for Cryptocurrencies, some of them are even free. Join our Telegram chat for more information!

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Experienced team

Our team consists only of experienced members, crypto investors or enterpreneurs who are willing to share their tips and tricks for fresh crypto enthusiasts.


Our signals are easy to understand and follow even for new players in cryptocurrency market, that makes it easy to start earning money in the first months.

Money back guarantee

Investors are secured by our money back guarantee policy, which makes them safe from losing money. We believe in our work so much that we will refund the payment for signals in case you will not be happy.

Why We Started

Investments into cryptocurrencies are risky and usually end up in a loss. We have gathered a team of professionals and created a complex AI to maximize the earnings for our users. Our signals are one of the most accurate in the market, so everyone could follow it and start growing. Right now it is a time to stop losing. Join our Telegram chat for free tips or see pricing for the most profitable ones.

How It Works

The process for our users is quite easy – we are recommending to start with our paid signals subscriptions if you are committed to start growing your budget as fast as possible. After that, you will automatically be added to our secret group of investors, where all the detailed guides and tips will be published which must be followed as it is. All the relevant information will be sent straight to your email as well, so you could start investing and earning instantly without any hassle.

Why Invest in Crypto?

Cryptocurrency market is an easy way to earn a fortune, but only if you know what exactly you are doing. As the market is on a constant growth, there are endless of possibilities daily. Due to the global buzz it will only keep its spread, and if you want to be a part of that – choose us as partners.

Global Market

Our AI and team are following global crypto market, not only several of the currencies, that is why we can offer the best tips on investments.



Future is now

Cryptocurrency is not going anywhere, and it will surely be a big part of the future in our community. The best way to secure your spot in this market is by starting now.

Secured INvestment

We are sure that all our investors will achieve results if strictly following our paid signals, so we oblige to return the money if you will be in a loss after 6 months.


Guaranteed PRIVACy

Cryptocurrency payments are known for privacy and security – this is what you should expect when investing in it.


Crypto Wallet

By following our tips all investors will be able to touch and feel what having crypto is like on a daily basis – this will help to get experience and be a part of the future economics.

I am not sure if i should invest?

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind.

Let Us Consult You and Be The Part of The Leap.

Digital Currency Market Analysis

At CryptoPro we take our work seriously, thats why all the signals come based upon detailed and thorough analysis. Although a lot of various conditions are taken into account by our Artificial Intelligence robot and the team when choosing signals, the main ones are explained for our end-users to make sure they understand the market situation. 

What Exactly Signals Are?

In simple words, they are exact information which cryptocurrency to buy or sell and when to have profitable trades. It is quite easy to lose money without appropriate experience and the help of robust technical solutions, especially for new investors. For a brief knowledge, check out crypto market prices below and see how it changes constantly.

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Our Team

Meet Our Professionals

Matt Fisher

Founder and CEO

Experienced Enterpreneur, affiliate marketer and crypto investor. Over 10 years of experience in digital markets. Founder of successful startups and digital businesses.

Tadas Jankauskas


Experienced crypto trader, the professional in analytics of digital currencies market. More than 5 years experience and knowledge. Exceptional analytical thinking and management experience.

Peter Salis


The creator and developer of Artificial Intelligence robot which provides us necessary insights on the market with more than 7 years of experience.

Ieva J.

Communications Manager

The heart and soul of our office and public relations.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“After purchasing the signals I understood that everything I have been doing last 3 years was wrong. Thanks for this fabulous team, I have managed to double my investments by following the tips. Would recommend these signals for anyone who wants to start, especially for newbies.”

John Peterson

Investor, CEO of

“Simply briliant. Although I have had my fair share of doubts in the beginning, right now I feel I have made the right choice. At the start I had no knowledge how to make it right, but being a person from a digital background prompted me to try. I have chosen as our partners and do not regret it. Hoping you will post my testimonial as it is :)”

Edd Mart

Investor, Co-founder of

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We understand that more than 75% of people would like to test out investments in Cryptocurrency market, but only with the right partners or knowledge. We are here to help you with this. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.