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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions from our investors.


Is Telegram necessary for investing?

No, we do not require to have Telegram account. All investments tips and guides are sent via email as well almost at the same time as they are published in our groups.


Is crypto trading risky?

All trading activities can be risky, especially when the investor does not have access to the needed tools or knowledge. We are here to reduce the risks and maximize your profits.


I have doubts. Is it worth trying?

Definitely. There are traders who are doing this as a full time job, so we are confident that you will start seeing benefits. What’s more, there is a money back guarantee, so if you will not start earning in your first months, we will be refunding your payment.


Can I invest even if I have zero experience in trading?

Absolutely. Although it will be harder in the beginning, we are prepared to help you learn and earn. We will be sending access to guides for our new members and will try to answer to your questions as fast as possible. Though for inexperienced users we recommend to start with at least Crypto Investor tier, so you would be looked after by our team.


Can I start instantly?

Yes, after purchasing the membership you will get all the information you need to your email address, so you could start as soon as possible.

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